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The Musical Muse

In Writing on April 5, 2013 at 11:02 am

A Lost Word

I find music is a HUGE inspiration when writing. It helps to set the mood and really get inside the heads of your characters so you understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

One of the things I’ve found really helpful is to assign certain pieces of music to parts of my book. This is made easier by the fact that the plot of ‘A Lost Word’ is divided into six distinct parts. By using music in this way, I find it much easier to jump between writing different chapters, not to mention keeping track of the plot timeline.

So here’s how I’ve divided everything up:

Part One: A Beginning

Part Two: This Illustrious House

Part Three: Pastiche 

Part Four: Redux

Part Five: Ghosts

Part Six: An End

Each section actually has it’s own dedicated playlist, but these tracks are sort of theme-tunes for each part.

What do you listen to to get yourself in the writing zone?


It’s the little things…

In Writing on April 2, 2013 at 5:41 pm

A Lost Word

Yes, I get excited by a good piece of software. Especially when it makes a long task so much easier. As much as I’m enjoying writing the manuscript of my novel, I’m sort of regretting making all my notes on random pieces of paper in old notebooks. I decided to look for an easy way to organise all my ideas. Enter yWriter5. Oh how I love thee.

It takes this:

photo (1)

And turns it into this:


In other news, I think I may have finalised all of the important plot points, by which I mean the plot is still likely to change a lot, but for now I know where I am going. You may have also noted the title change; this is actually more of a ‘change back’ as I thought of this title before ‘It Was Summer’.

Now I just need to write the damn thing.

Writing and other things

In Writing on August 9, 2012 at 11:38 pm

Actually this post is mainly about writing.

I think I’m getting to a point where there seems to be some sort of plot forming. I just need to fill in the gaps between the main events so the characters can get to where they need to go and do so believably.  Here’s a little snippet of what’s been occurring:

The smoke billowed past the window in languidly contorted patters, obscuring the view of the countryside speeding past outside. Annabelle turned to look at Edith, who was sprawled on the seat opposite her. She was fast asleep despite the constant rumbling of the train as it rattled it’s way forward. She smiled to herself, thinking that once again she had let Edith bully her into something. Cajole. Bullying was too strong a word for Edith. She had cajoled Annabelle into coming to Weirton. She reached across the seat to look for her notebook so she could attempt to write something vaugely artistic. She felt she should be inspired by the romance of being on a steam train, and so out the notebook came. Just as she was about to open the cover Edith stirred.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone sleep so much.” Edith sat up and patted her hair

“Well I was hardly missing anything of any note; trees, fields, cows, village, cows and more fields.”

Annabelle smiled, ‘There were rather more sheep than cows actually.’ 

More soon to follow. I think.

Current inspiration:  

‘It Was Summer’ update

In Writing on July 30, 2011 at 11:25 am

A vibrant display of scented soaps and lotions reminded Annabelle that she had to get something for her mother’s birthday and she stopped to find something her mother could pretend to like. Mother. Mothers. Edith’s mother. With a sharp pang she remembered Edith’s invitation to spend the summer with her family. Something made her feel uneasy about going. Money didn’t intimidate her, she thought as she took a lavender scented bar of soap to counter, but supposedly derranged mothers did.

What’s going to happen next? MYSTERY

I needs to find me them there words

In Writing on June 25, 2011 at 7:23 pm

So writing is fun. Well it is when you can actually articulate what it is you want to say. Sometimes it just happens:

Edith smoothed the front of her dress. “How was work?”

“The same as it usually is – not much changes in the cleaning business”

“I really don’t know why you insist on doing it.” She patted her hair again, “There doesn’t seem to be any need”

Annabelle picked up her wine, “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Why not?”

Annabelle smirked slightly. “You don’t need to be free.” Edith contemplated for a moment before opening her mouth to reply. She was interrupted by the waiter bringing their soup, and the conversation was forgotten. 

Sometimes it doesn’t

Current inspiration:

I’m Writing a Novel!

In Writing on June 3, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Yes, I've already thought about what the cover should look like...

Yes readers, that’s right – I’m writing a novel. I’ve wanted to write a novel for ages and then I wrote this script for a short drama piece earlier this year that didn’t get put into production and thought it would be the perfect basis for a novel.

The important bits:

What: A novel called ‘It Was Summer’

Who: Three main characters; Annabelle, Edith and Charles

When: The 1920’s

Why: Because I want to write it…?

How: When ever I get a chance.

So there it is. I’ll be posting updates and excerpts as I go along. For now, I shall leave you with the opening so far:

” It was hot. Too hot.  Annabelle brushed a stray lock of hair from her face before pulling up the faded sleeves of her work dress and carrying on. She scrubbed harder and harder, until every last bit of dirt had been scraped off of the wooden floorboards. If  only her mother could see her now. She’d say this was degrading, undermining of the family honour. Of course she’d say this was typical of Annabelle, that she had always had a strange bent to dishonour them all. Annabelle smirked slightly as she scrubbed.