It’s the little things…

In Writing on April 2, 2013 at 5:41 pm

A Lost Word

Yes, I get excited by a good piece of software. Especially when it makes a long task so much easier. As much as I’m enjoying writing the manuscript of my novel, I’m sort of regretting making all my notes on random pieces of paper in old notebooks. I decided to look for an easy way to organise all my ideas. Enter yWriter5. Oh how I love thee.

It takes this:

photo (1)

And turns it into this:


In other news, I think I may have finalised all of the important plot points, by which I mean the plot is still likely to change a lot, but for now I know where I am going. You may have also noted the title change; this is actually more of a ‘change back’ as I thought of this title before ‘It Was Summer’.

Now I just need to write the damn thing.


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