Things I’ve Learnt About Filmmaking – Part 2

In Filmmaking on August 30, 2010 at 11:26 pm

We almost look like we're having fun

5) Re-write your script until it actually sounds good.

6) Force your characters into silly costumes – if your film turn out to be more than a little on the crap side at least you’ll give people something nice to look at/ make them laugh.

7) If you keep your actors working for long enough in one day, they’ll stop putting up a fight and just do what you tell them to. Trade unions might not be happy about this therefore you should be careful; i.e. hire actors who don’t belong to a union.

8 ) GET A DECENT MICROPHONE! I didn’t and well, you can see/hear the results…

9) Blooper reels are the way forward

10) Never under-estimate the power of tea on a film set

  1. And bread….. bread is always welcome on a filmset.

  2. Yes bread – useful for keeping the ‘tired, overworked actress’ quiet…

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